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Lavender Green Cleaning
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Research has shown that a big factor in the rise of asthma, allergies and similar health problems is the use of harmful chemicals at home and at work. As a result:
We only use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products.
Safely and effectively cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, floors, kitchens and bathrooms, we can also bring wood back to life and protect granite and marble.
We only use "hepa" filter canister and upright vacuum cleaners.
Unlike brushes and brooms, we quickly reduce surface and air-borne dust, dirt and pet hair. Breathe easier - the difference is noticable and lasting.
We only use microfiber cloth and dusters.
The advanced technology of microfiber traps dirt in the fibers and cleans surfaces more thoroughly than previously possible. It also helps reduce air borne dust.
We go above and beyond what is expected while keeping it affordable.
We'll stay within your budget while still getting the areas others ignore.
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 "Good for your health, home and the environment"
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