Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Occasional:

Throughout every room we dust, sanitize and polish surfaces, fixtures, fittings and remove cobwebs and pet hair.

We vacuum carpets, taking special care of rugs with fringes and first vacuum, then clean hard floors with microfiber floor pads.

Additionally we empty trash and re-line bins.

We thoroughly clean kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, taking care of surfaces like stainless steel, granite and marble, and will cover outdoor entertainment areas and any special requirements on request.

Restore and protect your investment, whether you've remodeled your bathroom or kitchen or simply want to maintain the condition of your home.

Working with your company’s needs, we customize a set of specifications to provide daily, weekly, bi-weekly or periodical cleaning services. 

·         Kitchens

·        Restrooms

·         Meeting/Conference rooms

·        Office and Cubicle surfaces

·         Door and Wall spot cleaning

·        Floors

·         Glass

Apartment/Condo Common Areas:

•    Corridors
•    Pool bathrooms 
•    Meeting/Recreation Rooms

No term contract required for commercial or residential work.

Vacancy and Post construction services include but are not limited to the items in the previous categories:

•  Vacuum and wipe down the inside & outside of all closets, cabinets & drawers
•  Polish fixtures, fittings & mirrors and clean all glass & windows of debris
•  Clean & detail tubs, shower stalls, toilets and shower doors
•  Dust & polish all surfaces, woodwork/furniture (cabinets, etc.)
•  All countertops and sinks thoroughly cleaned and polished
• All floor types vacuumed/cleaned/polished
•  Walls, baseboards, sills & tracks dusted
•  All visible tape and construction remnants removed
Post construction clean up requires special measures to ensure dust, over spray and dried cement is effectively removed.
All work is performed with equipment designed to quickly reduce surface and atmospheric dust and debris.
 "Good for your health, home and the environment"

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Lavender Green Cleaning
Residential & Commercial